What’s the latest news?

Juli 2018

On the 19th of July, Most Venerable Master Hai Tao (Taiwan) together with Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, Khenpo Namgyal (Nepal) and Geshe Rigyal (Berlin) blessed the Kadam Stupa in the inauguration ceremony which was attended by 200 participants.

The Stupa at the Bodhicharya Centre for Peace and Understanding, the first authentic Tibetan type of a Stupa in Berlin, constructed, filled and decorated according to ancient lineage instructions, it was dedicated to healing the environment and overcoming obstacles to world peace.

A Stupa (or ‘Cho-ten’ – Tibetan for ‘basis of offerings’) is a 2,500 year old tradition introduced and taught by Buddha Sakyamuni to help transform and purify imbalance in the environment. The measurements of the outer form have to be extremely precise and the inner contents specific and properly placed and consecrated. Much of the building process demands that those involved should either be ordained monks and nuns, or maintain vows of ethical conduct, and for some parts of the process should repeat prayers continuously. All these specific instructions were observed in the building of the Stupa in the heart of Berlin.

Fulfilling these instructions creates an energy field that purifies and balances the internal and external elements of Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Space, that compose the universe.



The work for the gold platin is finished and the construction got removed.




Mai / Juni 2018

As part of Ringu Tulku Rinpoche visit to Berlin, on Monday, the 21st of May, he circumambulated the Stupa for the first time and on Thursday the 24th of May a blessing ritual took place.



In the beginning of the Tibetan Month of Saka Dawa (16th of May) the 13 rings, the umbrella and the jewel were placed. In the following days the Stupa pedestal will get plastered. The path around will be stoned and after the removal of the scaffold, the Stupa garden will be arranged.






April 2018



März 2018



Februar 2018




After a very long discussion about the choice of the method of construction, the choice fell on special bricks. Bricks belong to our oldest culture possessions, are a natural building material, very strong and last for centuries. Based on professional drawings und very skilled brick layers who worked according to an old fashion brick laying, the brick work turned out very accurate and beautiful. The outer shape has already now the basic form of the bell-like anda.

Now, during several weeks, the brick work has to dry.

For the final stage, the complicated sculptural form and stucco work, we need donations. We need funds for the manufacture of a steel template, building materials, payments for building workers, building companies and advisers.

stupa 3

The inner construction tied up into a packet for centuries

In order that the piled up rings of concrete don’t move and thus lead to splits in the buidling, the rings have been tightly welded together.



What is done?

In 2016 we`ve finished the preparatory work for the sacred contents and have built the concrete core of the stupa with its different chambers. They were each blessed and filled by the Tibetan monks. At the end of the year the core-stupa was finally consecrated and sealed.

We like to invite you to take a look at the dia-show which documents the building of the inner chambers:



Videos made while building the Stupa

Here you can find some videos, which were made while the stupa was built:


What remains to be done?

In 2017 we intend to finish the bell-shaped outer form of the Kadam-stupa. The large harmika and the 13 copper rims have to be manufactued in Germany. We`ll paint and decorate the stupa and build a round pathway for circumambulating the stupa, a visitor`s pathway and a circular low wall to sit on. The stupa-garden with plants and trees has be created. We invited our spiritual director, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche to inaugurate the stupa in September 2017.

Photo Impressions:

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The tibetan Lamas inaugurated the stupa core in Dec. 2016


We have filled and closed all the chambers.




We have filled all stupa-chambers.


We have put up the `tree of life-force` (tib. sog-ching).



We have yielded the steel-lids of the stupa-chambers.


The tibetan Lamas provided and prepared the main relics.


We rolled and packed hundreds of mantra-rolls.



Some of the sacred Sutra-texts.