Why a Stupa in Berlin?

The purpose of the Stupa is to ceaselessly inspire people to seek for peaceful solutions in life. The sacred monument with it`s profound symbolic message aids as a support to gain a more deeper understanding of ourselves and the mind. It is a wonderful method to discover our natural awareness and the interconnection with the world.


We all have the potentiality for a lasting inner peace. Meditation is a concrete way to develop that, which does not happen overnight, but gradually with the deepening of awareness and the cultivationof kindness and compassion. Thus, inner wisdom develops, which provides us with mental clarity and integrity when dealing with difficult situations. A Stupa is a place of pilgrimage for all people interested in a spiritual path. It can serve as a place of refuge and serenity. It`s profound meaning helps to understand the teachings of the Buddha from a broader perspective. A Stupa which was built according to the ancient buddhist tradition has long lasting positive effects on all beings and the environment. It can serve as an object of contemplation and meditation.

It harmonizes the balance of the natural elements of earth, water, fire and wind and collects the healing powers in space. It creates wealth and growth and strengthens our vitality, it protects against negative inner and outer influences and can remove obstacles on the path. To circumambulate a sacred stupa in a gentle manner with love and compassion deepens our mindfulness for the world around us. The recitation of the six syllable mantra “Om Mani Padme Hung” helps to transmute the mind-poisons of self-fixation, obsessive wanting and hatred into immeasurable compassion and wisdom.

Gyalwang Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje besucht das Holocaust-Monument 2014



      Holocaust Memorial


 Stupa / Lotos Vihara Berlin